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  • 1896 – O’Sullivan Films was founded by the inventor of the rubber heel, Humphrey O’Sullivan.

  • 1940’s -The vinyl sheeting plant installed and began producing handbags and furniture upholstery.

  • 1950’s – O’Sullivan enters the automotive industry with materials for door panels and instrument panels.

  • 1960’s – 1990’s – The plant grows as O’Sullivan starts producing pool liners and products for healthcare.

  • 2000’s – O’Sullivan enters the Marine & Automotive clear vinyl window market.

  • Today – O’Sullivan employs over 400 and our products can be found all over the world.

O’Sullivan Films – Keeping America Working

Our humble beginnings start back in 1896 when Humphrey O’Sullivan invented and began manufacturing rubber heels for shoes. Over the years our product offerings and our factory continued to grow. In the 40’s we began creating vinyl sheeting used for a host of products including handbags and furniture upholstery.

As America’s love affair with the automobile continued to grow in the 1950’s so did O’Sullivan Films. Soon our products could be found inside lining the door panels, sun visors, consoles and other interior components rolling off Detroit’s vehicle assembly lines. Our passion for creating interior automotive surfaces continues to this day. You’ll find our materials in classic American brands, in luxury European automobiles, and also adorning the interior of the next generation of transportation innovations.

We also have a passion for enhancing the world around us. From the windows to the wall, floor to ceiling, in your living room and on your deck, we’ve created products that help beautify and preserve the surfaces around you.

Decades of hard work, innovation and good ol’ American ingenuity has transformed O’Sullivan Films from heel maker to a multi-discipline manufacturer delivering quality and value to a global marketplace.

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