Marine Fabricators Conference 2018

Come By and Say Ahoy @ Booth 128 The Marine Fabricators Conference 2018 is will be here before you know it! Be our guest at this year's conference by using the promo code EP23 in the VIP code field for free admission to the show floor with an option to upgrade your registration at a 10% [...]

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Riding the Wave

Boat Market Wave Boat Market Wave - The boating industry and market have always been a good indicator of a healthy American economy. With a better economy comes more spending in the boat industry, and recently this trend has continued with boat owners being swamped with work. Our friends at Hood Canvas [...]

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The Top 10 Questions

The Top 10 Boat Related Questions Boat Questions - If you have a boat and love sailing, then you're bound to come across some questions during your days at sea. They might be something like: "What should I do prior to storing my canvas for winter?", "How long should my [...]

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What should I ask a Marine Fabricator?

What to Ask a Marine Fabricator Researching fabricators may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if this is your first boat enclosure “shopping” experience. Knowing what to ask and how to approach various companies can be invaluable and can make the process go far more smoothly. When it [...]

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