Marine Fabricators Conference 2018

Come By and Say Ahoy @ Booth 128 The Marine Fabricators Conference 2018 is will be here before you know it! Be our guest at this year's conference by using the promo code EP23 in the VIP code field for free admission to the show floor with an option to upgrade your registration at a 10% [...]

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Helpful Marine Fabricator Forum

Cover and Cushion's Marine Fabricator Forum Marine Fabricator Forum - Being a marine fabricator can sometimes mean lots of questions. It can also mean getting or sharing useful advice as well. Creating a marine fabricator community is one of our goals, and to help do this our friends at Hood [...]

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On The Job Experience vs. Classroom Experience

On The Job vs. In The Classroom Best Training Practices - If you're trying to learn new skills, like stitching together canvas and vinyl for boat windows, then it's best to know the most effective way of learning these new skills. The two typical areas where you would learn these [...]

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The Top 10 Questions

The Top 10 Boat Related Questions Boat Questions - If you have a boat and love sailing, then you're bound to come across some questions during your days at sea. They might be something like: "What should I do prior to storing my canvas for winter?", "How long should my [...]

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Fabricator Spotlight – Canvas Designers

O'Sea & Regalite Featured Fabricator     Michael Erickson - Canvas Designers Recent and Favorite Jobs It is the mission of Canvas Designers to design, manufacture and deliver the consumer and our customers with the finest, high quality products, [...]

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