Tips For Your Best Fitting Boat Top

Tips For a Better Fitting Boat Top Creating the perfect fit for a boat can be a challenging thing. It takes a lot of precision and know-how to do it correctly every time. If  you've ever found yourself struggling with getting the top of a boat to fit properly, then this is the [...]

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On The Job Experience vs. Classroom Experience

On The Job vs. In The Classroom Best Training Practices - If you're trying to learn new skills, like stitching together canvas and vinyl for boat windows, then it's best to know the most effective way of learning these new skills. The two typical areas where you would learn these [...]

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Riding the Wave

Boat Market Wave Boat Market Wave - The boating industry and market have always been a good indicator of a healthy American economy. With a better economy comes more spending in the boat industry, and recently this trend has continued with boat owners being swamped with work. Our friends at Hood Canvas [...]

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The Top 10 Questions

The Top 10 Boat Related Questions Boat Questions - If you have a boat and love sailing, then you're bound to come across some questions during your days at sea. They might be something like: "What should I do prior to storing my canvas for winter?", "How long should my [...]

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