Optically Clear Versatile Awning & Commercial Enclosure Solutions.

Uncompromising in clarity, marine grade press polished clear PVC sheets are ready for your next project. With average shrinkage rate of less than 1% without view distortion & superior color retention, Regalite Fenestra is the “Clearly  Better” choice.


Clear PVC Sheets For:

  • Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures

  • Commercial Tents Windows

  • Awnings

  • Patio Window Enclosures

Call me and let’s discuss how our clear PVC sheets can add some “wow” to your next job.

JulieJulie Tinsman - Account Executive, Direct: (540) 665-2578

Technical Details

Fenestra Sheet Dimensions & Colors -
Formulated to meet higher flame standards
Gauges.020" .030"
Sheet Sizes54" x 110"
FlammabilityFMVSS 302/ CA 117E/ CAL Title 19 Sec 1237 (small scale)
Regalite Dimensions & Colors
Gauges.020" .030" .040" .060" and .080"
Sheet SizesMarine: 54" x 110"
Auto: 24" x 54", 29" x 62", 29" x 68
TintsClear, Smoke, Green, Charcoal
Regalite Firma .040Stiffer hand Regalite (Clear Only)
PropertyMethodTypical Results
Luminous Transmittance after Xenon WeatheringANSI Z26.1, Test 16>95% Retention
HazeASTM D10030.5 - 1.0%
Tensile StrengthASTM D412>3500 PSI
Tear ResistanceASTM D1004>550 PSI
Low Temperature Flexibility @ -30 FSAE J323No Cracks
Dimensional Stability @ 100° CASTM D1204<1%
Certifications & Regulatory Standards 
ANSI/SAE Z26.1 AS-6 and AS-7 Applications
Passes stringent testing standards for U.S. automotive use
ECE Regulation 43European auto standard
DEHP - FREECompliant