Passion to Produce the Best

Starting from the first rubber heel produced in the late 1800’s to the state-of-the-art TPO products found lining the interior of today’s premium automobiles, O’Sullivan Films’ approach remains the same: listen, innovate and produce with an unwavering commitment to quality. This approach is a core value throughout our enterprise and especially true at our production facility in Winchester, Virginia.

O’Sea and Regalite showcase that innovation in the world of clear vinyl. Each step of production is painstakingly optimized and monitored to produce a product you can count on for years of outstanding performance.

Benefits that Matter

  • Optically Clear & Distortion Free

  • O’Sea’s Scratch Resistance Coating on Both Sides

  • Sunscreen, Bug Spray and Jet Fuel Resistant

  • Designed to Last

  • Easy to Clean, No Special Chemicals Needed


Raw Materials Converted to Vinyl

Raw materials come to our plant by rail and truck and that’s when the magic begins. Those raw materials are soon transformed to rolls of semi-transparent vinyl and then transported to the other side of the plant.


Cut Into Sheets & Inspected

The rolls arrive at our press room. Here they get cut to size, inspected and prepared for the next process: pressing these sheets under heat and pressure to make them clear.


Packaged for Transport Around the World

Shipped in specially created packaging to protect each sheet.

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Engineered and Manufactured in Winchester, VA

We believe our boat window material, what we call Press Polished, is the most enduring, clear and trouble-free product of its kind. We back that claim with our no-nonsense warranty and commitment to customer service.
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