Our Simple No Nonsense Warranty

The Highlights

  • We will replace, at no charge, any sheets to be found defective.

  • Good for 18 Months from the time of installation

The Details

O’Sullivan Films provides a limited warranty on its O’Sea®, Regalite® and Ultralite® press polished products as follows:

  1. O’Sullivan Films will replace, at no charge, any sheet found to be defective upon inspection or during fabrication, provided that any sheet requested to be replaced is returned, whether cut or not.  Defective sheets are those that do not meet the quality criteria defined by O’Sullivan Films.
  2. Products found to be out of compliance according to the criteria established by O’Sullivan will be replaced, upon inspection and agreement that performance and/or appearance of the sheets is not consistent with the quality specification established by O’Sullivan and accepted by the user.  Cases will be considered on an individual basis.  It will be at the discretion of O’Sullivan Films as to whether the sheet in question is warrantable.
  3. The Warranty period is eighteen months from the date of installation.  To make a warranty claim the user of the press polished sheet must provide substantiation in the form of skid and drum number of the sheet submitted for a warranty claim.
  4.  This limited warranty does not apply to any press polished sheet products from which:
    • Adequate identification, proof of purchase of date of manufacture is not available.
    • Is defective as a result of accident, misuse or abuse
    • Is used or fabricated in a way inconsistent with the intended use of press polished sheets.
    • Is used or fabricated in a way inconsistent with the Care and Handling provided by O’Sullivan and maintained by O’Sullivan.  This includes but is not limited to handling and stacking of sheets, exposure to certain liquids and chemicals, and use of cleansers not approved by O’Sullivan Films.
    • Becomes defective as a result of failure(s) of related equipment, parts or products for which O’Sullivan Films is not responsible.
    • As a result of use in an environment for which the product was not designed.
  5. Under no circumstances, at any time, will O’Sullivan Films be held liable for labor or additional costs other than the vinyl itself.

Revision: 3-6-18